Monday Beginner/Intermediate Wheel with Nick Maletta


Explore the art of pottery in our 10-week class designed for beginners and intermediates. Develop foundational techniques in wheel-throwing, as you create functional and artistic ceramic pieces. With weekly sessions, you’ll receive personalized guidance and ample practice to enhance your pottery skills.


Registration fee ($325) includes a 25 lb bag of clay and additional bags are available for purchase in our shop. 


Meet the teacher!


White Clay:

A very smooth, plastic-throwing body. This clay is made to be more firm than soft in the box.

Cone 6 Shrinkage 13.0% Absorption 1.5%


Red Clay:

Top tile cone 6. Prettiest at cone 6. This clay will change your glazes, but its rich red color and texture will bring variety to your work.

Cone 6 shrinkage 12.5% and absorption 2%.