Little Free Art Shop

The Little Free Art Shop is stocked and ready for you!

Stop by to pick up some supplies and start creating!

Located in front of the Art Works Now building, the shop is accessible to ALL and is OPEN 24/7.

Much like a “free library”, community members can donate new or gently used art supplies as well as pick up supplies if they need them.

Connecting our community and breaking down barriers through art is at the heart of our mission as an organization.

With the right tools, we can all create the world we imagine.

Don’t have supplies to donate now but want to support this project? Make a donation here!
We will be purchasing supplies to stock our shop alongside donations from the public.

Little Free Art Shop open 24/7
Free art supplies for pick up or donation
Free art supplies for pick up or donation

FAQs for Little Free Art Shop

Where is it located?

Right across from the front door of the Art Works Now building.

What are the hours of operation?

The Little Free Art Shop is open 24/7.

How can I donate items?

You can donate items by placing them in the donation bins at the bottom. These donations will be sanitized and sorted appropriately.

What items are acceptable to donate?

At the moment, we are accepting all general art supplies as long as they are able to fit in the donation bins.

If you have a question that wasn’t answered here, feel free to contact us at Thank you!